About the CYTF: Mission, Vision, and Values


The Central Yavapai Transit Foundation (CYTF) exists to develop, promote, support and facilitate a regional public transit system and other forms of alternative transportation in Central Yavapai County, Arizona.  By nurturing financial support, and educating the public about the benefits of public transit, the Foundation seeks to ensure access to transportation for all citizens in the community.


We envision a comprehensive, multi-modal transportation network for central Yavapai County where all people, regardless of age, station, income or ability, have accessible, affordable public transit options available to them.

This can be achieved through partnerships, cooperation, coordination and resource sharing between and among area governments, transportation providers, human service agencies and advocacy organizations who work together to jointly promote, support and sustain transit services and mobility opportunities throughout the region.


  • We value the right of all citizens to have accessible, affordable transportation options.
  • We value a balanced transportation system that includes not only a strong roads network, but also robust regional public transit services as well as human service transportation, bicycle, and pedestrian alternatives.
  • We value cooperative partnerships to jointly plan, promote, support and sustain multi-modal transportation opportunities throughout the region.

Main Goals and Strategies:

  • To raise money and provide funding support for area public transit services;
  • To advocate for the establishment and expansion of transportation services throughout central
    Yavapai county.
  • To raise public awareness regarding the need for public transit services in our communities;
  •  To educate community members as to the availability of transportation services within central Yavapai county;
  • To recruit volunteers, supporters and Friends of Transit throughout the central Yavapai region.

By giving of your resources and/or time, you can help sustain and build transit services in our communities.